Sunday - April 14, 2024

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  • Atari Bytes

    Atari Bytes

    Remember those great Atari 2600 games? Sure, they were fun to play, but didn't you ever wonder why they sent a plumber to take out Donkey Kong? What Yar was seeking revenge against? What the Defender was defending or why those robots went Berserk? Me too! ATARI BYTES is a game review podcast like no other. We review not just the game play, but the STORY within these classic games. We take a BYTE out of the story (get it?) and see if that story BYTES us back (now do you get it?).

  • Eventures with Sean and Jackson

    Eventures with Sean and Jackson

    Eventures with Sean and Jackson Leary follows local writers Jackson, 11, and his father, Sean, as they explore various family-friendly and cool places and events in the Quad-Cities and offer their impressions of them. Sean and Jackson are the co-authors of five children's books, including their latest, We Are All Characters.

  • It's a Podcast, Charlie Brown

    It's a Podcast, Charlie Brown

    One of my great childhood joys was the Peanuts comic strip. Charlie Brown and the gang were friends to me. I especially identified with Linus. A great Saturday afternoon for me would be spent with a bowl of Cheetos and a collection of Peanuts strips. I especially liked the week-long story arcs and the brilliant mix of humor, frustration and perseverance of these lil' folks - though I am a little sad Shermie never took off as a main character. Animated Peanuts was great too. The airing of a Peanuts TV special was a big event in my house. I was pretty young, but I remember seeing Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown in 1977 in a movie theater. And I know I watched A Boy Named Charlie Brown over and over on cable. I don't think a year has gone by that I haven't watched the Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas specials. I pretty much have the dialogue memorized, much to the chagrin of my wife and kids. To date, Charlie Brown and the gang have appeared in five feature films, ten motion comics available on iTunes, eight episodes of "This is America, Charlie Brown" and eighteen episodes of the "The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show", and some forty-five TV specials. And, on this podcast, we're going to watch them all.

  • Shots To The Heart: Terrible Tales of Dating Disasters

    Shots To The Heart: Terrible Tales of Dating Disasters

    Ever been on a bad date? Sure you have. Unless you're incredibly fortunate to have found the love of your life or you have a secret amulet warding off trolls, you've likely been on a few clunkers. And maybe more than a few of those have been so cringey they've actually been pretty hilarious. In retrospect, at least. Hosted by Sean Leary, SHOTS 2 THE HEART gives you all the cringeworthy details of those encounters as real people tell their true terrible tales of dating disasters, and, from time to time, our talented team of thespians re-enacts horrible dates for your listening pleasure. Check it out to hear the awful stories of those dates from hell!

  • Well... It's a Funny Story

    Well... It's a Funny Story

    Everyone has a funny story. At least one. Usually more than one. And in this new podcast, Sean Leary asks a variety of people to tell him THEIR funny story. Some are weird, some are funky, all are funny and amusing. Do you have a funny story you’d like to tell? E-mail Sean at! And now, listen to the podcast, because, well… it’s a funny story…